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Do you relate to this familiar scene...

You're home after working all day, thinking you're going to relax and then your partner says "Ugh, my back is killing me! Can you just give me a massage for a few minutes?" You want to say 'Go see a professional, I'm tired!' but you do it anyway, then - your hands hurt. Then your own back hurts. Let me do the work for you! 

Relaxation is a wonderful and welcome gift any time of the year! 

I'll make it quick and easy for you to purchase a gift certificate for someone you care about. Need a last  minute anniversary or birthday gift? Don't underestimate the 'I was thinking about how much you love massage so I got you this gift certificate because I love you' gift to give on a random Tuesday angel 

Online purchase is coming soon, but in the meantime, you can contact me directly at (203) 376-6878 or LauraNicoleLMT@yahoo.com, Contact Information 


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